Church worship happens in many different ways and styles. Traditional worship in some U.S. churches consist of singing hymns from a hymn book. We here at First Rowlett utilize singing both hymn and praise-and-worship-style music to words on a screen at the front of the sanctuary. We include photographs as well as video as background for song lyrics. We provide video support for the communications of upcoming events and celebrate completion of significant church activities. We also provide video clips and skits to enhance the worship experience though video.

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Rev. Dr. Jan Davis: The Persistent Longing of God - Luke 13: 31-35

In the season of Lent we are reminded that God longs to “gather us up” and draw us near.  This week we focus on persisting in the faith despite setbacks and opposition.  This is normally the time during Lent where people struggle to keep their Lenten disciplines.  Additionally we must persist as a city to rebuild after the storm.  We persist in seeking justice and doing good in the world.

Rev. Dr. Jan Davis: Arise, Shine - Isaiah 60: 1-6

A response to the December 26, 2015 Tornado

The light of God will break through the darkness of the world. And the Light of Christ shines through the people of Rowlett, Texas!

First Rowlett Rev. Dr. Jan Davis's response to Rowlett's Church of Christ signage.

God Values the Voices of Women and Has Enlisted Women to Bring about the Kingdom.

God has given you a voice – whether you are male or female your voice is a powerful and a precious gift. How will you use your voice? Will you use your voice to build up the church, to encourage others? Will you use your voice to give people a vision of hope? Will you use your voice to sow seeds of peace? Will you use your voice to tell the story of Jesus and share what God has done for you? Will you use your voice to speak out against oppression and injustice? Will you use your voice to change and transform the world?

I agree with Paul’s promise in Philippians 2 that the name of Jesus is the name above all other names. At the name of Jesus — every knee shall bow. The knees of men shall bow and the knees of women shall bow. At the name of Jesus every tongue shall confess. The tongues of men shall confess and the tongues of women shall confess. Confess Jesus Christ is Lord! Amen.

Rev. Jan Jokinen Davis

Rev. Dr. Jan Davis -Recognition - Series: Emmanuel

Isaiah 9:2; Luke 1: 76-80 -12-21-2014


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