First Rowlett's Media Services team is a group of committed individuals who operate the sound, video and lighting systems. We're always looking for volunteers who have a good attitude and are willing to learn. This dynamic team makes things run very smoothly at First Rowlett on Sundays. We could not have the quality of worship without their gifts and talents.

We continue to strive to grow our ministry. If you would like to get involved with this ministry, please contact Don Shelley. We appreciate your help!

In today’s ministry, doing the same old thing is not going to cut it. If we want to effectively communicate the Gospel in worship. We need to strive to explore new methods to provide powerful, authentic and relevant worship that is true to the risen Christ. If we're created in God's image, then we're created to be creative. That applies to worship too. Our Media services strives to add depth to the service of worship and not replace it or be the focus of worship.

Our ministry provides audio/and media, including and support to the church ministries throughout the church campus. We provide the following services to the church.


  • We provide Electronic News via Email to the congregation providing information on upcoming events and church happenings. This spans Adult, Youth and children's Ministries as well as various church missions.
  • Provide Audio Support for the the smooth operation of the worship experience.
  • Provide support of the on-screen projected graphics which is meant to enhance the service through song lyrics, scripture and graphical presentation of the word of Jesus Christ.
  • Provide video support for the communications of upcoming events and presentation of significant church events.
  • Photography Support for the church events and missions
  • Social Media communications
  • Enhance the overall worship experience.
  • Responsible for duplication and archiving of master audio recordings


First Rowlett Media Services Team Members

Church Staff -

Don Shelley - Worship Director

Alexis Blue- Director of Outreach and Communications


Multimedia Volunteer Staff -

Ronald Freitag - Video Development & Photography

James Green - 8:30am & 9:45am Services

Johnny Townsend - 11:11am Water's Edge Service


Sound Board Volunteer Staff -

Barry Dana-Bashian

DR Flower

Kim Huff

Jason Lechner

Steve Moore

Sandra Moore

Page Nelson