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Welcome to First Rowlett Children's Ministries!

Children become disciples of Jesus Christ through a lifetime process of living, learning and loving. Our comprehensive ministry offers opportunities for children from infants to 5th grade to grow in their relationships with one another, the world and Jesus Christ.

We believe that a child's experiences help to shape the foundation of a lifetime of love, service and Christian fellowship. Each of us understands that the most important job is to care for children and the best way to teach a child about the love of Christ is to live by His example.

We welcome children with special needs and accommodate these needs in a positive and caring experience.

First Rowlett places a high priority on children's spiritual development and also on their safety. All paid and volunteer workers with children are trained in the United Methodist Church policy "MinistrySafe" designed to protect our children. Nursery and childcare workers are also trained in CPR and First Aid.

Our children enjoy weekly, monthly and special events so check out each link for more information!



Contact information:

Sherry Burris, Director of Spiritual Formation

Courtney White, Director of Children's Special Events,

Clancy Lucero, Parents' Night Out Co-Director,

Denise Hubbs, Parents' Night Out Co-Director,

Rev. Dretha Burris, Associate Pastor